Friday, 5 October 2012

Kinesthetic activities

As I was browsing the web to find different kinesthetic activities for my students, I found the following one. You write sentences, split them into three, i.e. the sujects, the verbs and the complements. You give the bits of sentences to the pupils who in turn have to build the sentence up. To do this, the students need to get up and go round the classroom and find their match.
Recently, I did a similar activity to consolidate the past tense. They received different cards, subject, auxiliary verb, complement and past participle. However the students were working together on  4 sentences. So a little variation is beneficial. As I was doing a carousel, I could hear some other students desperate to get their hands on the cards. The same eagerness was apparent in another class, I told the students that they could get up and use the interactive whiteboard soon as they'd finish the first tasks. Soon enough, they got up in group of 4 to enjoy a snake and ladder grammar game on hobbies (testing opinions and present tense).